About Harvested Rain Solutions

Harvested Rain Solutions is committed to helping Central Texas residents use the thousands of gallons of rainwater that run off their roofs to supply their homes and small businesses. Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable and practical solution to supplying suburban and rural homes and small businesses with a clean, naturally soft and delicious source of potable water.

Our systems are low maintenance and use gravity-flow collection to harvest rainfall for beneficial use. With our collection systems, we can capture the seasonable and often heavy rainfall patterns we see in Central Texas to fill a large storage cistern and utilize it as a year-round water source.

We use the highest quality products from industry leaders– Storage tanks by Pioneer Water tanks, pumps by Goulds, Grundfos, and DBA, and UV treatment by Viqua. These quality products are carefully installed to provide years of reliable service. Additional services, such as annual inspections, filter and UV light changes, and inlet basket cleaning are also available for continual upkeep.

Harvested Rain Solutions | A rainwater collection company serving the Austin Texas area.

Harvested Rain Solutions was awarded with Sales Recognition with Pioneer Water Tanks America for outstanding rainwater systems in 2020. 

Ron Van Sickle, Harvested Rain Solutions

Ron Van Sickle:
Owner and Founder of Harvested Rain Solutions

Ron obtained his Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. He started Harvested Rain Solutions in 2008 because of a well water shortage at his own residence. Previously, he spent 20 years in the electronics test and automation industry and designing custom homes. When Ron isn’t designing and installing rainwater harvesting systems, he enjoys working on projects around his home and traveling in his Bluebird Wanderlodge. He also enjoys meeting other rainwater harvesters and has visited with many in the US, Japan, Australia, and Ireland to learn about best practices in different climates, supply chains and markets.

Harvested Rain Solutions | A rainwater collection company serving the Austin Texas area.

Joshua Barnes:
Operations Manager

Josh served his country for 20 years in the United States Coast Guard maintaining and flying as aircrew on the MH-65 Dolphin.  While serving, he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace, Maintenance Management from Middle Tennessee State University.  Josh joined the company in 2020 after his retirement.  Outside of work, Josh enjoys working on his property and an occasional trip to SCUBA dive in the Caribbean.

Field Technicians

Our awesome team of Field Techs:
(Top from Left to Right) Donnie Dumont, Ben Stocker, Matt Love, Sierra Cashion (Bottom) Alex Batory